BaoBun is an exciting independent Taiwanese street food restaurant located on Botanic Avenue, Belfast. We worked closely with the BaoBun management team to create a new brand identity, through discovery sessions we were able to identify key brand goals to achieve in order for the business to thrive.

The main focus was to design a visual identity that connected with people on an emotional level and reflect the experience we would like the customers to have. We used original hand drawn Illustrations to convey a sense of a human touch to the brand, this style offered an element of fun and organic playfulness.

We wanted to push the existing brand integrity of Asian-punk to be more relatable and engaging to its predominantly young and travelled consumers found in the university area of Belfast. We created this by expanding on abstract and universal themes from Asian-punk culture, such as spirituality and revolution.

This idea of an ‘inner revolution’ made a powerful connection to BaoBun’s food experience and hopefully can create a “Bao revolution”, similar to the resurgence of Burritos in recent years. 

Date: Ongoing

Client: BaoBun

Role: Brand Development, Graphic Design & Illustration